(Hons) Fine Art Central Saint Martins (2019)
MA painting Royal College of Art (2021)

Whether painting, craft, installation, each work reflects a different temporal experiences. My research focuses around time, that of my practice and that of my works. The modalities of my activity draw an alternative where the need for inaction and the delay as a mean to be out-of-time remain important. The result is a way of doing between idleness and action, between leisure and labor.

Unlike some artists from the Vietnamese diaspora, my work is more informed by my education in France. There is a transformation of the objects of my double culture into disappearing objects. The carbon paper was torn off to represent the ruins of a memory. The words of childhood folk poems have been erased to make room for their music only. In my works, I seek to keep a trace, however fleeting it may be.

I choose domestic objects that I transform by economy of means. Simplicity makes it possible not to overdo it, to refer to the history of art, to the Minimalism and to call for de-sublimation and divestiture. These simple objects linked to the home create a bridge between the different places and the different people and give substance to the story. Through these perspectives, I continue to explore the hybrid environment of the diasporic families. These transformations are accompanied by the question of time with moments of intense labor like undoing what has been done and moments of contemplation spent with my children and thus reconnection with my memories.

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